2017 UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge

The fifth annual UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge is a multi-faceted multi-media adventure blogging contest open to Trailrunners, Fastpackers, Backpackers, and bipeds of all stripes. Entrants may attempt any or all routes on offer. There are no aid stations, no course markings, no start/finish, no lemming lines, no cut offs, no set date; in fact, it's all up to you.

We have 15 total routes on offer for 2017, including all 10 classic UPWC routes, two Mind/Body Challenges (which include a reading assignment in addition to a particularly grueling route), and three new routes for 2017. For each of these 15 routes we will print 100 Finisher’s Patches. After all 100 patches are awarded a route will be closed, whether it takes three months, three years, or three decades for all the patches to be awarded.

2017 UPWC Routes

  1. Devils Dome (loop ~45 miles)
  2. Olympic Coast Route (point to point ~50 miles)
  3. Mother Mountain/Northern Loop (loop 44 miles)
  4. Alpine Lakes Grand Tour (point to point ~75 miles)
  5. Easy Pass (point to point ~28)
  6. Chinook Pass (loop ~30 miles)
  7. Graves Creek (loop ~60 miles)
  8. Double Desolation Mind/Body Challenge (out and back ~93 miles)
  9. La Bohn Traverse (point to point ~30 miles)
  10. Windy Peak (lollipop ~30 miles)
  11. Spider on Steroids (loop ~50 miles)
  12. Loowit Trail (loop ~28 miles)
  13. Ben & Kevin’s Excellent Pasayten Adventure (loop ~51 miles)
  14. Owyhigh Lakes (loop ~40 miles)
  15. Sourdough Sufferfest Mind/Body Challenge (out and back ~100 miles)

UPWC BadAss Of The Year

Beginning in 2016 an UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge BadAss Of The Year award was instituted to recognize BadAssery above and beyond the normal UPWC level, which is a high bar indeed. The Inaugural UPWC BAOTY was awarded to “Jaunty” John Barrickman, for linking together the La Bohn Traverse route with the Alpine Lakes Grand Tour, in addition to completing the Windy Peak Lollipop and the Double Desolation Mind/Body Challenge route all in a single season.

How to participate in the 2017 UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge:

1. Sign up via Ultrasignup.com for any or all of the 2017 UPWC routes before you make your attempt and before November 30th, 2017.

2. Between the day you sign up and midnight on December 31st, 2017, complete any or all of the routes as well as your trip report, whatever form it may take. Completing a route must include producing content in the form of a trip report, photo album, video, audio recording, artistic rendering, or any other form which reflects your experience of the route and can be posted online via your personal blog and/or the UPWC Facebook Group.

3. Email your proof and documentation, including trip report link and any GPS data to UltraPedestrian@gmail.com with the subject line "2017 UPWC PROOF & DOCUMENTATION" no later than midnight December 31, 2017. (In the near future this step will be replaced by posting your trip report directly to the UPWC website.)

4. In early 2018 a party will be held at Seven Hills Running Shop to wrap up the 2017 event and kick off the 2018 event. Finisher's patches and other awards and swag will be handed out for both the UPWC and UPMBC and the routes for 2018 will be presented.

5. If you are unable to attend the 2017 UPWC Wrap Party/2018 UPWC Kickoff Party, visit UltraPedestrianWildernessChallenge.com for complete results and visit Seven Hills Running Shop in person to pick up your UPWC commemorative finisher's patch. If you live outside the greater Seattle area, arrangements can be made to send you your finisher's patch via U.S. mail.

We strongly encourage all entrants to join the UPWC Facebook Group to ask questions about the routes, gather and share trail beta, connect with other UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge participants, scope out the competition, and keep up to date on the most recent news, information, and general goings on.

Complete Rules Of Participation

Failure to abide by the following may result in a time-based penalty, subtraction of points, and/or disqualification.

All participants must at all times comport themselves in accordance with Federal, State, and Local laws, as well as Leave No Trace backcountry ethics.

Registration via Ultrasignup.com must be completed before a route is attempted.

Entrants may participate solo or as part of a team. Teams can be independent, unsupported athletes that simply travel together, or team members can mule for one another. But teams will not be allowed to receive any outside support from non-running personnel.

Highly coveted Bonus Points will be awarded by UPWC organizers as they see fit. The value of these Bonus Points is ineffable, and they are generally highly cherished by those awarded them.

Every member of a team must be a registered entrant in the 2017 UPWC. Registration for minors is free.

All participants must submit proof of having completed the route via Spot Transponder, GPS/Garmin/Suunto/DeLorne/Other data, photographic evidence, and/or a convincingly detailed trip report/blog.

If you are submitting your entry for speed based awards you MUST provide SPOT/GPS/GARMIN/SUUNTO/DELORNE/OTHER data as proof.

Everyone who completes a route for the 2017 Ultrapedestrian Wilderness Challenge will be awarded a unique finishers' patch (only available through UPWC participation) for every route they complete. Each route will have a unique patch design of which only 100 will be made. Once those 100 patches are awarded for a route it will be closed.

No refunds.

All proceeds beyond the cost of prizes, awards, and shipping costs will go to support UltraPedestrian.com, and the UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge.